How Fiberglass Pools Are Made; Rhino Roc Installation; Vid 7 of 8; The Perfect Fiberglass Pool

If you are wondering how fiberglass pools are made and how they are installed this video will show you, and provide answers to questions like:

How should my pool be installed?
How is a fiberglass pool installed?
How are pools installed?
How are fiberglass pools installed?
What do I need to know about plumbing for my fiberglass pool?
Should my pool be backfilled with sand or gravel?
What type of backfill material is best for my fiberglass pool?
What is Rhino Rock construction?
What is Rhino Rock?
What type of plumbing should my pool have?
Why is sand bad for backfilling a fiberglass pool?
Why should gravel be used to backfill my pool?
What are rhino rods?
What do rhino rods do?