How Fiberglass Pools Are Made; Blister Protection Vinyl Ester; Part 3 of 8 Building the Perfect Pool

Are you wondering how fiberglass pools are made? This video will explain answers to common questions like...

How are fiberglass pools made?

How is a fiberglass pool made?

How does osmosis cause blisters on the gel coat finish of my pool?

How do osmotic blisters form?

Can osmotic blisters be prevented in fiberglass in-ground pool construction?

How do I know if my fiberglass in ground pool is protected against osmotic blisters?

How do fiberglass pool manufacturers prevent gel coat blisters?

Does my fiberglass pool warranty cover osmotic blisters?

What should I look for in a good fiberglass pool warranty?

How are pools made?

How are fiberglass pools made?

What do I need to know about my fiberglass pool finish?