How to Winterize your Fiberglass Pool

In this video we show you how to winterize your inground fiberglass pool. We'll walk you through tools you'll need and the steps to take to prepare your pool for the winter. We'll also answer common question like:

How to remove water from the pool plumbing?
How to blow water from the skimmer line?
How to blow water from the return line?
How to winterize my pump?
How to winterize my filter?
How to winterize my salt chlorine generator?
How to winterize my UV sanitation system?
How to winterize my skimmer?
How to plug the returns in my pool?

Links to air grommets mentioned in the video:
1 1/2" air grommet - (choose part #045)
1 7/8" air grommet - (choose part #55)
1/8" Quick Connect "L" -
18" inducer hose -