How Messy is a Fiberglass Pool Installation?

Are you thinking about having a fiberglass pool installed in your backyard and are wondering about what the installation process is going to look like? You've found the right video! In this video we show you how messy your yard will get when having a fiberglass pool installed in your backyard. Lucky for you the installation process will only last a few short days and you'll be well on your way to swimming in your new beautiful pool.

This video answers questions like...

What will happen to my property when I get a fiberglass pool installed?
How messy is a fiberglass pool installation?
What is an excavator?
What is a skid loader?
What kinds of machines are going to be coming in my backyard when I get my pool installed?
Will there be trek marks in my yard when the machines come in my backyard?
How long will the installation process take?
Will my property be damaged when my pool is installed?